Friday, March 1, 2013

Varieties of Brussels Sprouts to Grow in the North

Seeing as the north has a short growing season, there are handful of Brussels sprout varieties that grow best in the area. For the best results, always use transplants from the local nursery or start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last scheduled frost. While the best varieties to grow in the north may be limited, the good news is, many Brussels sprouts improve with flavor after a frost.

Royal Marvel Hybrid Brussels Sprouts: Extra-early variety. Produces high yields of 1 inch sprouts dark green in color. Provides great taste as well as texture. Tastes great fresh or frozen. 85 days.

Churchill Brussels Sprouts: Early variety. Produces, large, smooth, flavorful sprouts medium-green in color. Adapts well to different climates. Vigorous grower. 90 days.

Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts: Early variety. Produces 1 inch sprouts on 24 inch tall plants. Sprouts are firm. Prolific grower. Extended harvest. Freezes well. 90 days.

Nautic Brussels Sprouts: High-yielding especially in the north where fall is cool. Produces flavorful, medium-sized sprouts light green in color. Tolerates cold. Harvest in late fall. 105 days.

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