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Types and Varieties of Carrots

There are 5 main types of carrots which, for the most part, are defined by their average length and other characteristics. When growing carrots, keep in mind that environmental factors such as soil type and moisture effect how well carrots grow, including their size. Always grow a variety that is suitable to the length of the growing season.

Types of Carrots

Baby Carrots: Up to 5” cylindrical, tapered or round roots. Short storage life. Spring 50-60 days, fall - 60-70 days to maturity.

Nantes: 5-7” cylindrical roots. Short storage life. Spring - 55-70 days, fall - 60-75 days to maturity.

Chantenay: 5-6" long medium-light orange roots with red cores. Broad shouldered with rounded roots. Spring - 55-70 days, fall - 70-110 days to maturity.

Imperator: 7-8” long with tapered roots and wide shoulders. Spring - 55-100 days, fall - 80-110 days to maturity.

Danvers: Up to 7” long. Thick, cylindrical roots. Good for juicing, freezing and preserving. Spring - 70-80 days, fall - 80-110 days to maturity.

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Varieties of Carrots

Rainbow Blend: Mix of purple, white, red & yellow carrots. Each has it’s own taste and texture. Exciting variety to grow with kids. 58-65 days.

Nelson Hybrid: Nantes type. Extra-early variety. Almost coreless and dark orange in color. Smooth and straight roots. Does not taper. 58 days.

Yaya Hybrid: 6” long blunt tipped roots. High-yielding variety. Crunchy and sweet. Holds well in the garden. 60 days.

Little Finger: 4” long baby variety. Crisp and juicy. Dark orange in color. Resists tapering. 60 days.

Organic Nantes
Organic Nantes: 6-7” and bright orange in color. Sweet, tender and crisp. Slices well. Early variety. 62 days.

Scarlet Nantes: 6” and almost coreless. Early variety sweet in flavor. Makes a great fresh snack. 65 days.

Nandrin Hybrid: 8-14” long. Extra-large variety. Tender and juicy. Great for juicing or cooking. 65 days.

Envy Hybrid: 12” cylindrical roots. Top fresh eating carrot variety. Grows fast even in poor or clay soils. 66 days.

Sugarsnax Hybrid: 9-11” long and very sweet in flavor. Cans and freezes well. A good variety for the north. 68 days.

Tendersnax Hybrid: 5-6” long with blunt tips. Ultra-sweet variety. Very juicy and tender. Disease resistant. 68 days.

Chantenay Red Core: 5 ½” long. Great for small gardens or containers. High-yielding variety. Orange-red in color throughout. 68 days.

Purple Haze: Rich purple in color with bright orange core. Sweet and strong in flavor. Vigorous variety. Easy to grow. 70 days.

Danvers 126: 7” long wide-topped roots. Good variety to grow in dense soils. Sweet and tender. 73 days.

Danvers Half Long: Medium-yield variety. 6-7 ½” long with blocky tops and chunky roots. Stores well. Can be grown in clay soils. 75 days.

Tendersweet: 7” long with tapered roots. One of the sweetest carrot varieties. Easy grower. 75 days.

Atomic Red Carrots
Atomic Red: 8-11” long tapered roots pink in color that turn scarlet after cooking. Tasty and nutritious variety. 75 days.

Atlas: 4” baby carrot. Good for containers and small gardens. Sweet in taste with lots of moisture. 75 days.

Imperator 58: 8-9” long thin, tapered roots. Full of flavor. Popular store variety. All-American Selections winner. 75 days.

Purple Haze Hybrid: 8-10” long with purple skin and bright orange flesh sweet in taste. All-America Selections winner. 90 days.

Royal Chantenay: Up to 6” long. Keeps flavor. Broad and hardy variety. 100 days.

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