Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Varieties of Brussels Sprouts

Bitesize Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts come in several varieties to suit the tastes and growing seasons of gardeners. Some mature earlier than others and offer an extended harvest. No matter which variety of Brussels sprouts are grown, they should always be harvested from bottom to top.

Royal Marvel Hybrid Brussels Sprouts: Extra-early variety. Produces high yields of 1 inch sprouts dark green in color. Provides great taste as well as texture. Tastes great fresh or frozen. 85 days.

Churchill: Early variety. Produces, large, smooth, flavorful sprouts medium-green in color. Adapts well to different climates. Vigorous grower. 90 days.

Long Island Improved: Early variety. Produces 1 inch sprouts on 24 inch tall plants. Sprouts are firm. Prolific grower. Extended harvest. Freezes well. 90 days.

Nautic Brussels Sprouts: High-yielding especially in the north where fall is cool. Produces flavorful, medium-sized sprouts light green in color. Tolerates cold. Harvest in late fall. 105 days.

Diablo: Heavy-yielding. Produces smooth, medium-sized sprouts. Tolerates cold well. Great for fall harvest. 110 days.

Bitesize Brussels Sprouts: Gourmet variety. Produces mini sprouts packed with peppery flavor getting sweeter after frost. 120 days.

Falstaff Brussels Sprouts: Purplish-red variety. Produces sprouts with a mild, nutty flavor. Slow to mature. Color keeps after cooking. 125 days.

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