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Types and Varieties of Cabbage

Gonzales Cabbage

Types of Cabbage

Green Cabbage: Green cabbage forms heads of different sizes with green outer leaves that typically get lighter near the core of the cabbage. Almost the entire heads are edible, except the core, and work well in main dishes as well as raw in slaws and salads.

Red Cabbage: Red cabbage is similar to green cabbage only it's reddish-purple in color. Red cabbage has a bolder flavor than green and makes a striking contrast in color.

Savoy Cabbage: Savoy cabbage has lots of showy leaves, usually green to purple in color depending on the variety. The heads are not compact, rather made from loosely wrapped leaves which are tender and great for making wraps or slaws or eaten raw. Savoy cabbage has a mildly sweet flavor.

Chinese Cabbage: Chinese cabbage has stems and leaves that grow upwards rather than compactly in heads. Both the stems and leaves are edible. Chinese cabbage typically takes less days to mature than other varieties.

Mini Cabbage: Mini cabbages grow on compact plants and are typically less than 6 inches in size. Mini cabbages are either round or cone-shaped. Their varieties are great for small gardens.

Note: Days to variety are from transplants unless otherwise noted.

Cabbage Varieties

Green Cabbage Varieties

Golden Acre: Early variety. Produces 3-4 inch heads on compact plants. Heads are solid with sweet, crisp greens. Disease resistant. 58 days.

Farao: Early variety. Produces 3-4 pound heads peppery-sweet in taste. Leaves are thin and crisp. Resists thrips. 64 days.

Stonehead Hybrid: Produces 4-6 pound heads which are very compact. Tight heads have short cores. Resists yellowing and black rot. 67 days.

Copenhagen: High-yielding variety. Produces heads up to 8 inches across. Heads are solid and keep well. 70 days.

Tropic Giant Hybrid: Main season variety. Produces some of the largest heads of any variety - up to 12 inches across and 15 pounds in weight. Flattish-round heads are pale green in color. Requires lots of room to grow. 72 days.

KY Cross: Produces small, uniform heads. Leaves are thin and full of flavor. Great for eating raw. 75 days.

Megaton Hybrid: Heavy-yielding variety. Produces 16 inch heads weighing up to 15 pounds. Sweet and mild in flavor. Stores well. Disease resistant. 88 days.

Sweet Surprise Hybrid: Produces 10-12 inch heads sweet in flavor. Stores well. Disease resistant. 125 days from seed, 90 days from transplant.

Kaitlin: Great sauerkraut variety. High-yielding, late season variety. Produces large heads with medium storage. Insides are white. 94 days.

Storage #4: Produces 4-8 pound heads in mid-fall. Heads are round with tapered base. Stores well. Resists fusarium yellows. 95 days.

Danish Ballhead: Produces bluish-green heads 8 inches in size. Easy to grow variety. Stores well. Bolt resistant. 100 days.

Late Flat Dutch: Late variety. Produces flattish heads 10 inches across. Heads are sweet and mild in flavor and pale green in color. Ships and stores well. 110 days.

Red Cabbage Varieties

Red Express: Extra-early variety. Produces 2-4 pound heads on compact plants. High in flavor. Resists cracking. Recommended for the north.

Red Acre: Produces 7 inch heads about 3 pounds in weight. Heads are reddish-purple in color and tightly packed. Resists cabbage yellowing. 65 days.

Super Red: Produces medium-sized heads. Cabbage is peppery in taste with a tender, crisp texture. Resists splitting. 73 days.

Ruby Perfection: Mid-late season variety. Produces dense, medium-sized heads. Stores medium-well. Resists thrips. 85 days.

Integro: Mid-late season variety. Produces uniform, medium-sized heads. Short core with thick yet crisp leaves. 85 days.

Cairo Hybrid: Produces round, dense heads burgundy in color and averaging 3-6 pounds each. Sweet, crisp and tender. Disease resistant. 85 days.

Deadon Hybrid: Savoy-like variety. Produces heads with pinkish-purple outer leaves and green inner leaves. Peppery-sweet in taste. 105 days.

Mammoth Red Rock: Produces flattish heads up to 10 inches across. Solid red throughout. Stores well. 110 days.

Savoy Cabbage Varieties

Savoy Express Hybrid: Extra-early variety. Produces small heads about a pound in size. Great texture and flavor. Compact variety is great for small gardens. 55 days.

Autumn Jewel: Savoy-type variety. Produces large heads surrounded by pretty greens. Stores well and winter hardy. Not as compact as green cabbage varieties. 70 days.

Alcosa: Small, early variety. Produces 2-4 pound heads deep, bluish-green in color. Improves in flavor once cold weather sets in. 72 days.

Famosa: Mid-season variety. Produces 2-4 pound heads deep, bluish-green in color. Leaves are tender. 75 days.

Cairo Hybrid: Produces round, dense heads burgundy in color and averaging 3-6 pounds each. Sweet, crisp and tender. Disease resistant. 85 days.

Deadon: Produces medium-large heads magenta in color and sweet in flavor. Resists yellowing. 105 days.

Mammoth Red Rock: Produces flattish heads up to 10 inches across. Solid red throughout. Stores well. 110 days.

Chinese Cabbage Varieties

Pak Choi: White stem variety. Produces thick white stems and loose, green leaves. Leaves are mild in flavor. Hearty and cold resistant. Great variety for the north. 45 days.

Minuet: Mini, high-yielding variety. Produces 9"x7" heads with yellow interior and green exterior leaves. Sweet tasting. Resists bolting, bottom rot, black speck & downy mildew. 48 days.

Rubicon: Produces 11inch heads weighing 5 1/2 - 6 1/2 pounds. Heads have broad, white ribs with deep green outer leaves with yellow interior. Sweet and tangy taste. Very juicy. Resists black speck. Slow to bolt. 52 days.

Bilko: Produces 12 inch heads mildly sweet in taste. Adaptable. Resists club root, black speck and fusarium yellow. Slow to bolt. 54 days.

Kaboko Hybrid: Produces 16 inch tall and 12 inch wide heads green and white in color. Harvest entire cabbage heads or leaf by leaf. Super sweet in flavor. Disease resistant. 59 days.

Wa Wa Tsai Hybrid: Produces 10-18 ounce tender heads that are sweet in flavor. Great for small gardens. 60 days.

Mini Cabbage Varieties 

Gonzales: Produces 4-6 inch heads. Heads are compact and uniform in size with sweet and spicy leaves. Great variety for small gardens. 66 days.

Caraflex: Produces cone-shaped cabbages uniform in size. Mini heads have tender inner leaves great for slaw and salads. 68 days.

Resources: Johnny's Selected Seeds, Gurney's Seed and Nursery Co., Park Seed Co., Generic Seeds 

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