Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Best Varieties of Carrots to Grow in the North

Nelson Hybrid
The north is a great place to grow carrots. To ensure they have enough time to grow, it’s best to plant an early variety. Early varieties are those that take 70 days or less to mature, giving northern gardeners plenty to choose from.

Nelson Hybrid: Nantes type. Extra-early variety. Almost coreless and dark orange in color. Smooth and straight roots. Does not taper. 58 days.

Rainbow Blend: Mix of purple, white, red & yellow carrots. Each has it’s own taste and texture. Exciting variety to grow with kids. 58-65 days.

Yaya Hybrid: 6” long blunt tipped roots. High-yielding variety. Crunchy and sweet. Holds well in the garden. 60 days.

Little Finger
Little Finger: 4” long baby variety. Crisp and juicy. Dark orange in color. Resists tapering. 60 days.

Organic Nantes: 6-7” roots bright orange in color. Sweet, tender and crisp. Slices well. Early variety. 62 days.

Scarlet Nantes: 6” long and almost coreless. Early variety sweet in flavor. Makes a great fresh snack. 65 days.

Nandrin Hybrid: 8-14” long. Extra-large variety. Tender and juicy. Great for juicing or cooking. 65 days.

Nandrin Hybrid
Envy Hybrid: 12” cylindrical roots. Top fresh-eating carrot variety. Grows fast even in poor or clay soils. 66 days.

Sugarsnax Hybrid: 9-11” long and very sweet in flavor. Cans and freezes well. A good variety for the north. 68 days.

Tendersnax Hybrid: 5-6” long with blunt tips. Ultra-sweet variety. Very juicy and tender. Disease resistant. 68 days.

Chantenay Red Core: 5 ½” long. Great for small gardens or containers. High-yielding variety. Orange-red in color throughout. 68 days.

Purple Haze
Purple Haze: Rich purple in color with bright orange core. Sweet and strong in flavor. Vigorous variety. Easy to grow. 70 days.

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