Monday, February 11, 2013

Finally, A Real Maine Winter

Nemo 2013

As Nemo becomes a storm to remember, we Mainers are pretty much dug out, have already been to the grocery store for that odd loaf of bread and are gearing up to deal with whatever Mother Nature hands us next. After leaving us with a whopping 25 inches of snow, we’re being treated with another round of the white fluffy stuff today. What’s a few more inches of snow right?

While I personally slept through the worst of the blizzard, I was delighted to finally see some good ole' sliding snow when I woke on Saturday morning. Though the only way I would have made it down the driveway was in my snowshoes, I still had power and couldn't see any damage to the house. As I went online in anticipation of all the "Nemo" pictures people posted on social media, I couldn't help but get annoyed with a few posts I saw.

One person, who shall remain nameless, was busy bragging about their trip to the store asking who the brave one was. I wanted to reply, but thinking better of it, thought to myself, who's the smart one for staying home and out of the way of the plow trucks, sanders and dump trucks trying their best to clear the roads after an already long night of plowing? Barring some emergency or absolutely having to get to work, this person was basically in the way and creating a dangerous situation.

Knowing people first hand who are in charge of plowing and sanding the city streets, I tend to get annoyed when a wicked storm blows through and people are out driving or walking around for the heck of it. Considering all the snow we had, people out walking were in the way of the plow trucks who hardly had a place to push the snow to begin with, and then had to contend with not burying pedestrians alive in the snow bank. As for the drivers who got stuck and caused accidents further turning dangerous streets even more treacherous, was it worth it?

Sorry about the rant there, but when a storm the size of Nemo hits and you don't have to go out, then don't. There's a reason why weather forecasters and mayors tell you to stay home. Not only is it dangerous for you to be on the roads, you're putting other people in danger as well and hindering public works' effort to clean the roads making them safe and passable again. 

On a lighter note, if you’ve never been to Maine you can always tell when a snow storm is on the way without having to listen to the weather. You’ll see lots of pickups driving around with snow plows on, car dealerships will have moved their inventory to the back of the lot and only the bravest of the brave venture into the grocery store among the hoards of people who have apparently forgotten what a real Maine winter is like.

It may be a little hard to see turning out of some streets thanks to the monstrous snow banks due to the fact that there simply isn’t any room to push the snow, but I’d say all in all, Mainer’s have pulled through the blizzard and didn’t let Nemo get the best of them. A big thanks to all the city workers (people who plow and sand etc.), emergency personnel, CMP (Central Maine Power Co.) and residents who used there heads and stayed home for keeping our family, friends and neighbors safe.    

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