Monday, April 9, 2012

Introduction to Gibby's Garden

Image: Gibby's Garden
Hello world and welcome to Gibby’s Garden. For my first post I thought I’d introduce myself, the author of Gibby’s Garden, to the blogospehere. To get a grasp of what this blog is about, please check out the About Gibby’s Garden page.

About Me (Patrice)

With all formalities aside, I love to garden - period. To be more specific, I love growing organic vegetables from start to finish. There’s something about getting my hands dirty (I never seem to keep my garden gloves on for very long), smelling freshly tilled loam, and sowing every seed and gently transplanting seedlings into my garden that makes me feel fresh and renewed.

The work aspect of vegetable gardening gives me a sense of accomplishment and quiet frankly, is a great de-stresser for me. After 20+ years of gardening, first as a child with my parents and grandparents, then as an adult on my own, I still get excited as my first seedlings sprout from the ground.

Caring for my plants and watching them grow, bloom and finally produce makes all the work I put into my garden worthwhile. I like knowing that come early fall, the vegetables I’ve canned and frozen will provide a little extra something for my family over the long winter months.

Since I started vegetable gardening on my own almost 10 years ago, I’ve had a lot of hits and misses along the way. For instance, I quickly learned that the instructions on the back of seed packets are there for a reason and just because you think it’s a good idea to cram as many plants together thinking you’re saving on space, doesn’t mean that it is.

In short, I’ve picked up a lot of gardening tips and techniques over the years and I’d like to pass them along to you. Some of them I’ve learned the hard way, while others I’ve learned from reading books, blogs, and magazines.

If you’re a Maine organic vegetable gardener, then I think we’ll get along just fine. (You can be from anywhere really) I hope you come back to Gibby’s Garden as my blog gets off the ground and continues to grow. I’ll be sharing lots of how-to’s, advice and stories about organic vegetable gardening and I invite you to share yours.

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