Friday, April 27, 2012

3 Tips for Figuring Out Where to Plant Vegetables

When it comes time for planting your garden whether your using seeds, seedlings, or both, do you know where each vegetable is going to go? I prefer to have a rough idea of where my vegetables will be going before I head out to the garden. I’m going to share with you my tips for figuring out where to plant vegetables.

Tip #1: Observe Sunlight

Before doing anything, observe your garden over the course of a sunny day. Does the entire garden receive sunlight, maybe one area more than others? Where does the sun hit the garden first? Trust me, knowing this will come in handy when it comes time to plant.

If I stand facing my garden with my back to my house, the sun hits the left side first and then creeps over the rest of the garden throughout the day. Some areas receive more sun than others and I know which area receives sun last.

Tip #2: Know Plant Heights

Knowing just how tall specific plants grow goes along way towards figuring out where to plant vegetables. Look at the back of your seed packets and use a little common sense to determine which vegetables are going to grow the tallest, like corn.

Plant taller vegetables in the areas of your garden that receive sunlight last. This will prevent them from blocking the sun from your other plants. Keep planting from tallest to shortest or vice versa.

Tip #3: Follow Sun Requirements

Different vegetables have different sun requirements. Some need full sun while others thrive in partial shade. Sun requirements can be found on the back of seed packets and in seed catalogs.

Figuring out where to plant vegetables in the garden can be done with a little preparation before heading outdoors. Remember to rotate your crops each year to avoid depriving your garden of nutrients. Follow the above tips as best as you can, after all, no garden is perfect – mine certainly isn’t.

If you’re planting seedlings and are not sure about their sun and other planting requirements, check out for instructions. Click the name of the vegetable in question in the “Growing Vegetables Guide” for full planting instructions.

What methods do you use for figuring out where to plant your vegetables?

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