Friday, April 5, 2013

Types and Varieties of Celery

Tango Hybrid Celery
There are 3 main types of celery and a handful of varieties to choose from. When selecting a variety to grow, consider your USDA zone and how long a growing season you have.

Types of Celery

Celery: Produces long, crunchy stalks green to dark green in color with minimal foliage on top.

Leafy Celery: Produces thin stalks and lots of edible foliage. This type of celery is sometimes called cutting celery.

Celeriac: A root vegetable. Produces large roots which must be peeled before eaten.

Varieties of Differernt Types of Celery

Celery Varieties

Conquistador: Early variety - good for growing in the north. Produces tall, crisp stalks that are full of flavor. Adapts well. 80 days.

Tango Hybrid: High-yielding. Produces crunchy, sweet stalks ready for harvest 2 weeks earlier than older varieties. Resists Fusariums. 85 days.

Utah 52-70: Produces dark green stalks, some up to 12” tall, and strong rooted plants. Adapts well to different climates and soils. 100 days.

Leafy Celery Varieties

Safir Leafy Celery
Safir: Peppery and crisp in taste. Produces abundant, leafy tops and lots of thin stalks. Harvest as needed. 78 days.

Celeriac Varieties

Prinz: High-yielding. Variety produces uniform roots large in size and creamy white in color. 95 days. 

Monarch Celeriac
Monarch: Roots are large, firm and creamy white in color. Has a celery-like taste. Tolerates celery virus very well. 100 days. 

Brilliant: Pale green in color with curly tops. Stores well, up to 3 months. Crisp, refreshing flavor. 105-115 days. 

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