Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Freeze Herbs in 4 Easy Steps

Freezing herbs is easy, plain and simple. All it takes is a few minutes of prep work and a couple of supplies found in most kitchens. In four easy steps, learn to freeze your favorites and preserve them for winter use.


  • Cutting Board
  • Knife (paring)
  • Teaspoon
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Freezer Bags

Step 1: Gather Herbs

The best herbs to freeze are fresh and unblemished. Allow them to mature to your liking and harvest before they get woody or start to wilt. Shake them free of bugs, dirt and debris.

Step 2: Preparation

It’s important to prepare your herbs before freezing. Think about how you normally use the ones already in your kitchen cupboards. Cut, slice and dice them to size using your kitchen knife. I prefer my paring knife and sometimes, my food processor which I use to prepare herbs like basil.

Step 3: Fill Ice Cube Trays

Using your teaspoon, fill each slot in your ice cube tray with 1 teaspoon of prepared herbs. Top off each slot with water and pop the tray into the freezer. As you fill the tray with water, expect them to float to the top.

Step 4: Remove from Tray and Store

When your herb cubes have fully frozen, pop them out of the tray and into freezer bags or containers. Make sure to label each bag with type of herb, amount per cube and date. Pop the bags back into the freezer, storing different types in different bags.

Enjoy Your Fresh, Frozen Herbs

When it’s time to spice up your meals, simply take the desired amount of cubes from your freezer and drop them into your hot dishes. There’s no need to thaw the cubes beforehand as the cubes quickly melt. Add to soups, stews sauces and more. Enjoy!

What are some of your favorite herbs?

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