Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Control Slugs Organically

Image: born1945, Flickr
I don’t know about your vegetable garden, but mine has already begun attracting slugs and its still early June. Slugs are common garden pests here in Maine and in other parts of the country. They slither their way in during the dead of night and chew through the leaves of our plants. So what are we as organic gardeners to do?

We take a stand and make our own slug traps; organically. Learning to make your own slug traps is pretty easy, takes a matter of minutes and most supplies are already around the home. Here’s what you need and what to do.

Slug Trap Supplies

Empty Containers - Tuna or cat food cans will do
Beer - Beer can be leftover and warm from the night before or from a newly opened bottle or can

How to Make Your Own Slug Traps

1. Clean your empty containers and place them around the garden where you’ve noticed slugs or the destruction they’ve left behind

2. Fill the containers halfway with beer

Beer attracts slugs; don't ask me why but it does. Filling your traps no more than half way with beer prevents the slugs from slithering back out. Once in the traps, they drown. 

Once you’ve set your traps, check on them a day or two later; I bet you’ll be amazed at how many slugs you’ve attracted. Make sure to check on your traps at least a few times a week, empty their contents and refill with beer.

This is how I control slugs in my vegetable garden every year. I place my traps in the shade from my plants to help keep them from getting moldy. They usually need to be emptied and refilled a few times a week until the slug population gets under control.

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  1. I'll have to try this out, it sounds like such a interesting and cool way to protect your garden. Hahahaha. Could it be the yeast or something thats attracting them? This is quite odd, but great! God bless, and happy gardening!

    -Tony Salmeron

    1. I'm glad you stopped by Tony. You were right on the money. According to the Colorado State University Extension Office slugs are attracted to yeast and other fermenting products.